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We Started the Journey of City Page in 2013. It would be incomplete without mentioning a Tab that Our Founder used to maintain all the Business notes and work.

This Tab carries a lot of emotions to us. No matter how big you grow, you should never forget the past.

We started this company to maintain and optimize Client’s Business Pages through creative designs and expose their products and services on Facebook. Facebook is the platform where people spend most of their time on those periods; now, many social media platforms are booming.

We didn’t have office space when we started, and we worked at home for a year. Later we rented an office in Erode, and we also hired three other graphic designers.

In the 2014 second half, we started to do Digital Marketing for our clients. We lost a couple of clients initially due to some lousy performance of our campaigns. But back then, In Erode, no other company was there doing Digital Marketing services.

In those periods, we were just learning what Digital Marketing is. Digital marketing is a process; It takes a lot of time to master.

We then introduced our services like website developement, Product photoshoot and Videoshoot, SEO year by year. We now have grown to a level where we are one of the top digital marketing agencies evolving around Tamil Nadu.

So year after year we got more experienced and knowledged about it. We spent more than 1 Crore on Digital Campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Google, Youtube etc…

Our Approach

We are a results-driven digital marketing agency. We think that each brand is unique, and that the marketing mix and strategic approach must be flexible, innovative, and even unconventional. Our team’s success is due to the every individuals who make up our group.

We are a group of thinking leaders who really want to succeed, collaborate, and become great industry leaders. 

At City Page, we think that the best results come from an environment that encourages taking risks, learning from our mistakes, grabbing every opportunity, and collaborating to create.

citypage approach

Our Works